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Added May 5, 2021: AIRB 2021-24 Business Plan

Added May 4, 2021: Filing Guidelines and Related Updates (effective May 1, 2021)

Updated April 1, 2021: Grid Step Calculation Tool for Agents/Brokers

Added March 30, 2021: AIRB Bulletin 05-2021 - Usage Based Insurance Program Guidance (effective April 1, 2021)

Added March 30, 2021: AIRB Bulletin 04-2021 - Industry PPV Benchmarks Schedule (effective April 1, 2021)

Added March 30, 2021: AIRB Bulletin 03-2021 - DCPD Filing Guidelines (effective April 1, 2021)

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Like many Albertans, the AIRB is supportive of initiatives relating to safe driving, vehicle safety and protecting our environment. These issues have either a direct or indirect impact on automobile insurance claims and, therefore, on insurance premiums. We think you might be interested in the following links:

Road Reports

Adverse weather and road conditions can have an impact on driver safety; before heading out, check for current road conditions.

Driving Directions

Locating an unfamiliar address can be distracting for a driver; pre-planning your route via Google maps or a mobile app can help minimize some of this distraction

Vehicle Fuel Efficiency

Vehicle Fuel Efficiency Guide provides a list of the most fuel efficient vehicles and a calculator that determines the fuel efficiency of your own vehicle.