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Added October 20, 2021: Direct Compensation for Property Damage (DCPD) - effective January 2022

Added October 20, 2021: New pages added - Automobile Insurance Regulation in Alberta

Added September 29, 2021: 2021 Market and Trends Report

Added September 24, 2021: Grid Guidance document updated - effective October 1, 2021

Added September 24, 2021: Filing Guidelines updates - effective October 1, 2021

Added September 24, 2021: 2021 Annual Review of Private Passenger and Commercial Vehicles - Bulletins and Reports - effective October 1, 2021

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Rate Changes

Approved Automobile Insurance Rate Board Filings (added January 26, 2021)

The AIRB has launched a new web page to report on approved filing decisions as they are implemented, replacing the quarterly filing decisions publications.

This enhancement will enable policyholders to see their insurer's rate changes over the previous three years. Data will be updated daily, as insurers implement changes to their rating programs.