Auto Insurance Grid Rate Calculator


The Grid rating program was developed to set the maximum premium that insurance companies can charge for basic coverage for any driving record. This page will allow you to calculate your grid premium and explain how the Grid rating program operates.

As the Grid sets the maximum chargeable premium for basic coverage, most drivers (approximately 94.5%) do not pay these premiums. Insurance companies must compare a driver's premium under their current rating program to a driver's premium on the Grid and charge you the lesser of the two premiums.

Grid Premium for Basic Coverage

  • Grid applies only to basic coverage premiums (third party liability & accident benefits)
  • About 5.5% of drivers are rated on Grid
  • Less experienced drivers are often capped by Grid
  • As drivers gain experience and drive without claims and convictions, their premiums decrease
  • Inexperienced drivers (a driver who has less than 8 years driving experience) with driver training start at 10% below the entry level (Grid step -2)
  • Each year without an at-fault claim, further -5% to maximum 50% reduction to base or grid step 0
  • Each at-fault claim moves driver 5 steps up the Grid
  • Convictions and accidents result in surcharges

Consumer Disclaimers for the Calculator

  1. The premium calculated is dependent on the validity of the information entered. In order for an insurance company to calculate your premium on the grid correctly, they will use the information on your driver's abstract and from other insurance companies.
  2. Information entered through the website is not tracked or collected.
  3. If you are concerned about the validity of the premium charged by your insurance company, you should contact your agent or broker. If further resolution is required, you may contact the complaint liaison officer for your insurance company.

Insurance Providers’ Disclaimers for the Calculator

  1. The Grid Calculator is unable to calculate a grid step in situations where the “relevant date” is a factor. Please contact Insurance Compliance (780) 427-8322 for assistance on these types of calculations.

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