Transportation Network Company (TNC) Drivers

About Transportation Network Companies

A Transportation Network Company (TNC) is an organization that provides pre-arranged transportation services using an online-enabled platform to connect passengers with drivers and their personal vehicle. TNCs include companies such as Uber, Lyft, etc.
Drivers for a Transportation Network Company (TNC) should be aware that the standard personal automobile insurance policy excludes coverage for any automobile that is used for carrying passengers for compensation or hire.

Obtaining Adequate Insurance

Coverage for those individuals that drive for a TNC is based on four periods of vehicle use.

Periods of Vehicle Use

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  • Period 0:

    Coverage for period 0 is provided by the personal automobile insurance of the TNC driver.

  • Period 1-3:

    TNCs can purchase insurance coverage to protect their drivers and passengers through a standard policy wording (SPF #9), which provides coverage through periods 1-3.

    Coverage is only provided when the TNC driver has been connected to the passenger(s) via the TNC network; there is no coverage for street-hailed passengers or when carrying cargo.

    In addition, during period 1, third party liability is limited to $1 million and there is no physical damage coverage for the TNC driver’s vehicle.

Drivers are required to advise their personal automobile insurers if they are driving for a TNC. Some additional coverage beyond the SPF#9 may be available through the driver’s personal automobile insurer, or the policy may be cancelled if the insurer does not cover this type of risk.

More information is available from the Alberta Superintendent of Insurance (see Superintendent of Insurance Bulletin 04-2016: Transportation Network Companies (e.g. Uber) and Insurance (June 28, 2016).