Who do I contact if I have concerns regarding my automobile insurance premiums?

Note: for information on why your premiums increase, ways to lower your insurance premiums, how premiums are calculated, or other information regarding automobile insurance premiums, please see factors that affect premiums.

Have a Question or Concern about your Automobile Insurance Premiums?

1. Brokers and Agents

The first point of contact is the broker, direct writer, or agent who sold you your automobile insurance coverage. Brokers and agents will represent you and your best interests, and may offer independent advice on resolving an issue or addressing any concerns you may have regarding your automobile insurance premiums.

2. Insurance Companies

If your concern has not been addressed and you were not able to reach a resolution with your broker, direct writer, or agent, your next step would be to contact your insurance company's Complaints Liaison Officer or Ombudsperson. All licensed insurers have a dispute resolution process and a person typically referred to as a Complaints Liaison Officer or Ombudsperson; click here for a contact list.

3. General Insurance OmbudService

If your insurance broker/agent or the insurance company representative has not resolved your concern, the next step is to contact the General Insurance OmbudService (GIO).

The GIO is an independent organization offering dispute resolution services for consumers of automobile insurance in Alberta. Policyholders can access the service free of charge, and receive help to address concerns or disputes about premiums. The GIO will provide mediation services to consumers and insurance companies. More information about the GIO and how their process works is available on their website.

Questions about the Automobile Insurance Regulation?

Automobile Insurance Rate Board (AIRB)

If your concern is about AIRB rules and processes that regulate the industry when setting automobile insurance premiums, you may contact us at 780-427-5428 or AIRB@gov.ab.ca. To call toll-free within Alberta, dial 310-0000 then 780-427-5428. The primary role of the AIRB is to regulate automobile insurance rating programs for private passenger vehicles for both basic and additional coverage in Alberta.

Superintendent of Insurance

If your concern is about how the automobile insurance system operates, experience obtaining coverage or resolving a claim, contact your broker or call the Office of the Superintendent of Insurance at 780-427-8322 or TBF.Insurance@gov.ab.ca. To call toll-free within Alberta, dial 310-0000 then 780-427-8322.