Welcome to the “Drivers” section of the Automobile Insurance Rate Board (AIRB) website. The information on this page was developed specifically for consumers to provide a better understanding of automobile insurance in Alberta. You are welcome to Contact Us with any suggestions of information you would like to see added.

Alberta's Automobile Insurance System

Alberta has a private delivery system for automobile insurance. This Drivers section provides information relating to the purchase of coverage including the ways to access coverage and the types of coverage available. There are links to the websites of a number of insurance providers that write automobile insurance in Alberta.

Role of the AIRB

The primary role of the Automobile Insurance Rate Board is to regulate insurer rating programs for basic and additional coverage for private passenger, miscellaneous private passenger and commercial vehicles.

Each year, the AIRB conducts an Annual Review to establish guidelines for automobile rating factor to be used when reviewing individual insurers' rating programs and the premium level for basic coverage under the Grid rating program. (Consumers can use our grid rate calculator to help determine their premium. However, because the Grid sets the maximum chargeable premium for basic coverage, most drivers – about 94% - do not pay these premiums.) There is a more complete description of the AIRB’s mandate under Governance.

One member of the AIRB is appointed to the role of consumer representative. Their role is to solicit feedback on the public’s experience with obtaining insurance, that is, whether they encountered any problems purchasing insurance and whether the premium seemed appropriate for their experience and driving history. The report is presented during the Annual Review and posted on the AIRB’s website. The consumer representative can be contacted by e-mail at