Mandate, Board Profile and Competency Matrix


Government Policy

The Public Agencies Governance Framework specifies that all agencies have clearly articulated roles and responsibilities. This will occur through formalized mandates and roles documents that describe:

  • the mandate of the agency
  • the roles of government and the agency
  • the accountability chain
  • a process for annual reaffirmation of mandate documents
  • how the renewal of mandate documents will occur

Common understanding of all parties' roles and responsibilities is the primary governance issue for agencies and government.

The Minister is ultimately responsible to the public for how the work of the government is accomplished.  The authority to conduct government business flows from the Minister, or through legislation for which the Minister is responsible, through to the agency, and some level of accountability must flow back.

Once responsibility is given to an agency, the agency must be able to exercise discretion within the bounds of its mandate, and be consistent with applicable Government policy, while being held accountable for its results. Clear statements about roles and responsibilities that are reviewed and regularly accepted by the highest levels of the agency and ministry are essential for good governance.

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Mandate and Roles Document

A Mandate and Roles document for the Automobile Insurance Rate Board ("Agency") has been developed collaboratively between the Minister of Finance and the Agency to reflect a common understanding of their respective roles and responsibilities.

Although the Agency is part of the Ministry of Treasury Board and Finance for administrative purposes, the Agency is an independent body making independent decisions.

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Board Profile and Competency Matrix

The Board has also set out a Board Profile and Competency Matrix to identify the set of skills and experience that is required within the group to effectively carry out the Board's mandate. The relevant professional or volunteer experience, specialized contextual knowledge and personal effectiveness skills include:

  • Governance Experience
  • Business / Management Experience
  • Regulatory Experience
  • Accounting / Financial Experience
  • Risk Management / Experience
  • Legal Expertise
  • Actuarial Expertise
  • Consumer / Stakeholder Relations Knowledge
  • Government/ Public Policy Experience
  • Insurance Industry Expertise / Knowledge
  • Information Technology Experience/ Knowledge
  • Leadership / Teamwork Skills
  • Strategic Thinking / Planning Skills
  • Critical Thinking / Problem Solving Skills