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Added December 1, 2021: Bulletin: 12-2021 Principles for Rating Variables

Added October 20, 2021: Direct Compensation for Property Damage (DCPD) - effective January 2022

Added October 20, 2021: New pages added - Automobile Insurance Regulation in Alberta

Added September 29, 2021: 2021 Market and Trends Report

Added September 24, 2021: Grid Guidance document updated - effective October 1, 2021

Added September 24, 2021: Filing Guidelines updates - effective October 1, 2021

Added September 24, 2021: 2021 Annual Review of Private Passenger and Commercial Vehicles - Bulletins and Reports - effective October 1, 2021

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Chair's Message

Charlene Butler

The primary role of the Automobile Insurance Rate Board (AIRB) is to regulate automobile insurance rating programs for private passenger vehicles for both basic and additional coverage in Alberta. The AIRB's vision is for automobile insurance to be accessible, equitable and sustainable for all Albertans.

In order to carry out its review of rating programs, the AIRB holds an annual open consultation meeting to hear from stakeholders with respect to Alberta private passenger vehicle loss experience. The oral and written information provided through this meeting, along with the AIRB's consulting actuary report, and other information the AIRB gathers, is used to establish Industry Benchmarks to be used by insurers in preparation of filings to the extent that their own data is not fully credible. The Industry Benchmarks are also used as the basis of the AIRB's review of Private Passenger Vehicle filings.

The Industry Benchmarks established are also used to determine the appropriate premium level for the grid rating program. The grid rating program caps premiums for basic coverage. Currently, approximately 93% of drivers in Alberta pay less than the grid premium.

The AIRB strives through its website to ensure consumers have access to insurance related information that facilitates informed choices. The AIRB welcomes and encourages consumers to use our grid rate calculator located on our website, along with the other information contained therein.


Charlene Butler, MBA, BSc, BComm