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Added July 9, 2018: AIRB Filing Decisions - 2nd quarter of 2018.

Added June 29, 2018: Updated AIRB Filing Guidelines (for Private Passenger and Other than Private Passenger Vehicles) - effective July 1, 2018.

Added June 29, 2018: Bulletin 05-2018: Use of Convictions to Determine Premium - effective June 29, 2018.

Added June 29, 2018: Bulletin 04-2018: Minor Traffic Safety Convictions - effective June 29, 2018.

Added June 29, 2018: 2017 AIRB Compensation Disclosure.

Added June 26, 2018: Notices and other documentation related to the 2018 Annual Review for Private Passenger Vehicles and Commercial Vehicles.

Added June 4, 2018: AIRB 2018-21 Business Plan.

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Industry Information


  • Notices

    Notices communicate information to industry and stakeholders that does not require action.

  • Bulletins

    Bulletins are issued as a form of communications to industry when immediate action or future compliance is required.

  • Orders

    Orders are written decisions that primarily relate to the annual adjustment of premium level for the Grid.

  • Circulars

    Circulars are issued by the Board when clarification is required on how certain issues should be dealt with by insurers.